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Hi, we're Coco!

Our name stands for (co)mmunity and (co)ntent. 

Our (virtual) space is where women and BIPOC entrepreneurs come together to level up.
Together we're creating an incubation space for movers, shakers, dreamers, and industry disruptors. 

There are over 13,737 marketing agencies in the U.S.

So what on earth possessed us to make another?

It (kind of) just happened.

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and like many, our founder, Sam, was out of a job. 
Determined to keep swimming, she let a few people know she was freelancing. 
Soon enough, she was (thankfully) swimming in work and needed help. So, team Coco came to life.

Thousands of agencies already existed, but people kept finding us for a reason.
Something was missing. Together, we think we found it.

Every single organization that has found Coco is looking for the same thing:
a partner who thinks outside the lines, sees potential, and is hungry to make it happen. 

If you're looking to scale hard and fast or just churn and burn, we're not the team you're searching for.

But if you're looking for teachers, space makers, cheerleaders, defense, offense, scorekeepers, strategists, designers, creators, and partners-in-crime, c'mon in. 

We're thrilled to meet you.


Let's be friends.

Talk to you soon!

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